RACE REPORT: Brent at Finchford Roubaix

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At the start of the race, it was sunshine and 38 degrees with 20 mph winds. Bikes 2 You was represented by Bryan Moritz and Will Greenwood. Melon City had three guys, including Chad Bishop, who recently upgraded, making this his first race as a Cat 3. The Rasmussen Death Squad was represented by Pete Basso and myself. Representing A9Y’s was The Robinson Bros and Matt Gumm. They were delayed to the race a little when Gumm’s bike became detached from his roof rack, flipped over and shattered the back window of Scott’s car. I am sure they thought it was the Rasmussen Death Squad shooting at them. Gumm ended up riding Steve’s wife’s bike for the race. He raced one of his better races this week, so maybe Gummi will bring Steve’s wife’s bike the Tuesday Night World Championships??

On lap one of the ten lap, (50 mile race), Will Greenwood (Bikes2you) took a daring attempt (into the high winds) and goes on a solo break. It stuck for over a lap but was eventually reeled back in.

After Will came back to the group, there were a couple more attempts to roll off the front. Scott Robinson takes a solo break as well, however they all proved to be futile. Each one came back Scott was riding very strong today and held the break for over a lap and a half before coming back to the group.

After controlling the front of the peloton most of the race, Basso faded off the back only to spend a half lap chasing back on. With two laps to go cramps had set in pretty hard causing him fall off the peloton for a final time. Matt Gumm (A9Y) and Chad Bishop (Melon City) went off the front. With those two off the front, and Basso off the back, there was little cooperation from the others to chase this break down since there were only two of us (Dominic and myself) that did not have a teammate in the break. So Chad and Matt, were able to put some distance on the field. Gummi began to show signs of fatigue and faded back to the peloton, Chad stayed strong off the front remaining solo in the break.

With Chad off the front, we were not going to be able to catch him. So it was clearly coming down to a field sprint for 2nd place. On the last 1/3 of the last lap there was some cat and mouse going on to get positioned for the sprint. Nobody wanted to stick their nose out in the wind for the sprint too early. In the last ½ mile, Scott Robinson went to the front. With a little less than 200 yards to go, Dominic comes around Scott for the sprint followed by Steve Robinson, and myself. Steve came around Dominic and with about 50 yards to go, and I was able to come around Steve and clip him at the line by about a foot to take the field sprint for 2nd place.

Hats off to Chad Bishop for being able to stay off the front, and also to Scott Robinson for riding a very strong race. Great racing with Steve Robinson and Matt Gumm.
1) Chad Bishop (Melon City)
2) Brent Mitchell (Rasmussen Death Squad 5,000)
3) Steve Robinson (All9Yards)
4) Dominic Moraniec (Atlas)
5) Scott Robinson (All9Yards)
6) Matt Gumm (All9Yards)
7) Pete Basso (Rasmussen Death Squad 5,000)
DNF Chris Reed (HBA) DNF Ian Robinson (HBA)
DNF Bryan Moritz (Bikes 2 You)
DNF Will Green Wood (Bikes 2 you)

Also congrats to:

1) Lou Waugaman for a clear win in the field sprint in the Pro 1!2 to take 4th Place.
2) In other Rassy Team news, Reed Rinderknect and Loren Storts were participating in the Iron Man in Tempe on Sunday. With top ten finishes these two could qualify for a spot in the Kona Ironman this fall.
3) PRC Girls - Kellie Mente and Jane Riessen ventured over to Lincoln to participate in their racing this weekend. The woman’s racing was fierce with a couple of Cat 1 racers showing up from out of state. They were not strong enough to break to the deadly combination of the PRC team. On Day 1 Kellie and Jane take 1st and 2nd respectively. This is Kellie's first win in the open category. Nicely done! Day 2: Jane Riessen out lasted the peloton for a 1st place finish with Kelli Mente driving home a 3rd place finish. Great job ladies, keep up the incredible work.


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